MSM Xtended XQ Release v10.0

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We wish everyone reading this to be healthy, safe & sound. Follow the orders of your governments regardng lockdown.

We, the entire human race, are in this together. Respect all colors equally as you want others to respect you. All lives matters, may it be black, white, human, animal, birds, & yes yours too.

Here we are coming again with a new “major” update of MSM-Xtended. There are many new things added, including some bugs through which we can give an update in future as bug-fix update ;P

Let’s check it out -:

* Merged June security Patch r39
* Release version bump to V10.0
* Switched to Launcher3
* Introduce Theme Tile 
* Added QsLabel Tint Styles
* Added QS Random Tint Tiles
* Added QS Disco Tiles
* Added Powermenu Background Filter
* Added Hide Apps From Recents
* Added Gesture Anywhere
* Added QS header styles
* Added back AOSP Lockscreen Clocks
* Added 3 New AOSP Lockscreen Clocks (just kanged)
* Adapted font & color options for new AOSP LS Clocks
* Added QS header datausage ability to show daily/monthly data usage
* Added Option for QsBattery Location
* Added hotspot setting to allow VPN upstreams
* Added Screen RefreshRate (Supporting Devices)
* Added New Volume Sliders
* Added SmartPixel Tile
* Added QS Bottom Gradient Style
* Added QS Footer Warning Toggle
* Switched to Stichimage longshot
* Fixed MultiDevices Ringtone
* Moved All QS Theming to Theme Options
* Upgraded FOD to 1.1
* Updated Some prebuilts
* Misc changes, bug fixes, and optimizations. Look in the changelog in About Phone section

Many Other Device Side Changes. Kindly Check About Phone changelog sections for more details.

Please do share your reviews and feedback HERE. We love the feedback and response we have been getting since the start of this project. Hope to see the same in coming future.

Hope You All Enjoy the XQ Release v10.0.

Download ROM :- Release v10.0

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Regards Team-Xtended

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