MSM Xtended XQ Release v11.0

Hello Everyone,

We wish you all to be healthy, happy, safe & sound.

Here we are coming again with a new “major-bug fix” update of MSM-Xtended. There are a few cool things added along with some of major bug fixes.

Let’s check it out -:

* Merged July Security Patch
* Uprev release version to XQ v11.0
* Added Face Unlock Feature only for Official Builds
* Added Random color for dashboard icons
* Added Sim disable toggle (Device Specific)
* Added APTX-Adaptive codec for BT (for supported devices only)
* Sync battery icon with statusbar battery styles
* Added Extended Suspend actions
* Moved Theme Room to Xtensions
* Fixed inactive state Wifi Icon in Circular and Filled styles.
* Fixed tint for battery styles
* Add ability to make ringtone audio focus customizable for wired/BT headsets
* Make IME button space optional
* Add back all keyboard IME features back
* Port IME selector notification toggle
* Allow to hide navigation bar gesture completely
* Improve gesture navigation handle length
* Make QS tile icon Bright | Dark if gradient tint enabled.
* Fix padding between signal icons - battery - percentage
* Fix arrow key while typing for gesture navigation
* Imported translations from Crowdin.
* Misc Changes and Improvements

Many Other Device Side Changes. Kindly Check About Phone changelog sections for more details.

Please do share your reviews and feedback HERE. We love the feedback and response we have been getting since the start of this project. Hope to see the same in coming future.

Hope You All Enjoy the XQ Release v11.0.

Download ROM :- Release v11.0

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